Collection: Vendor

Location: Roosevelt Row - 918 N 2nd St, Phoenix Time: 12 PM - 4 PM

SET UP: 11 AM / BREAKDOWN: 4 PM ***Please do not arrive any earlier than the time indicated***

(Further instructions to follow)

VENDOR AGREEMENT as of 3/31/2021 (We will keep this application on file and inform you of any updates to the agreement)


- Application will be reviewed. Once payment is received, your spot is reserved

***We reserve the right to reschedule or refund your payment if after reviewing application we determine that we cannot accommodate you or your business is not a good fit for the marketplace. 

- Payments are non-refundable within 1 week of the event



- Booth does not include tent, table or chairs

- Set up starts at the time indicated above (please do not arrive earlier)

- No setup will be permitted 1 hour after start of the event

- Archwood Exchange and Roosevelt Row are not responsible for personal belongings. Please secure your valuables

- Booth locations will be assigned. We will do our best to email the layout 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, please see someone from Archwood prior to set up

- DO NOT BEGIN YOUR SET UP WITHOUT REFERENCING EITHER THE MAP OR AN ARCHWOOD REPRESENTATIVE (if you are set up in the wrong location, you will be asked to move)

- We ask that you do not begin your breakdown until the scheduled time indicated to avoid disruption. If you do need consideration, please let us know when submitting your application

- This is a family friendly environment. It is at the discretion of Archwood Exchange that if the items or services sold do not fit the theme of the experience, we reserve the right to request modifications to your display

- Space is limited and your booth is clearly defined. If you think you’ll need more space, you have the ability to purchase up to 2 spaces or request a wall space as to not impede on your neighbors

- No burning of any incense, oils or herbs

- No individual sound sources

- Food and drinks to be sold by food vendors only (No Exceptions)

- Please ensure that the products and services being offered are legal and ethical and do not expose the marketplace to unnecessary scrutiny



- We will be outside

- Please have a tablecloth for your table

- Please respect the defined walkways/aisles

- Please be considerate of your neighbors when setting up and conducting business

- Engage with the shoppers!

- Please provide feedback to the team on how we can make the marketplace a better experience

 Sales of the following items are prohibited:


-Sodas or any other beverages (unless agreed upon ahead of time)

-Freedom Paper products

-Coral Oral Toothbrushes

-True Detergent

-Anything not listed on your application

-Drug paraphernalia or illegal items

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