Phoenix’s Largest Black Business Marketplace Now Open Daily

Monday, July 1, 2019

Phoenix’s Largest Black Business Marketplace Now Open Daily

Archwood Exchange joins forces with Afri-Soul Marketplace to showcase local entrepreneurs and revive Eastlake community legacy

Archwood Exchange

Phoenix, AZ — The Valley’s premier monthly Black-business bazaar is now open every day. The popular Archwood Exchange has found a home inside Afri-Soul Marketplace, located downtown in the heart of the historic Eastlake community. The new store features fine art, foods, apparel and other wares by local African and African-American artisans and entrepreneurs such as Trap Coffee, Vintage Oats, Delicate Fox, Charm & Royalty, Sugar Bag Company and many more.

“One-hundred years from Red Summer, when Black towns and businesses were burned down in over 30 cities across the U.S., we are working to rebuild what was taken from our people materially as well as spiritually,” said Exchange co-founder Ali Nervis. “We know that controlling our own businesses and institutions enables us to provide jobs, wealth and mobility to those in need.”


Afri-Soul Marketplace is described as a home for community-minded business owners. The facility currently houses Archwood Exchange, and will soon launch Grassrootz Books & Juice Bar, RBG Tees, Small World Trade and a co-working space.

After successfully attracting thousands to their monthly market, the Archwood Exchange team realized that Phoenix’s explosive growth has increased demand for culturally diverse products. They sought a location in the historically-Black Eastlake district, once home to the legendary Century Skyroom jazz club owned by revered civil rights leader and Tuskegee Airman Lincoln Ragsdale. The community is still home to 6-term city councilman and local hero Calvin Goode, among other leaders and luminaries.

The mission of Afri-Soul Marketplace is economic empowerment, channeling the energy of “Black Wall Street” by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

“We have to focus on building a future for ourselves and our children, and business is at the core of this future.”

Archwood Exchange is focused on showcasing and cultivating Black-owned businesses in the greater Phoenix community, representing over 100+ member entrepreneurs. Join our community of entrepreneurs, artists and activists focused on collective liberation by visiting them online at